Square Lifting Columns For Conveniently Adjusting The Height

Comfort and ergonomics united in one product: The DD471.2 single-stage lifting columns not only have an impressively compact construction, but also an elegant design. This product has a smooth profile surface with no visible openings or indentations. This gives furniture manufacturers a great deal of freedom in the design of their modern desks.

The low-play sliding system in the DD471.2 lifting columns allows you to make easy adjustments while maintaining excellent stability. Thanks to a special gear, the drives are very quiet and fast. The noise level is less than 48 dB while the lifting columns travel at a speed of 35 mm/s. The column profiles always move synchronously to ensure that adjustments are reliable and safe.

The drive technology in the DD471.2 features powerful, maintenance-free 24-volt DC motors with two Hall sensors. The pushing force of up to 800 N ensures reliable adjustments even under heavy loads. The installation dimension is 650 mm and the stroke length is 500 mm. The DD471.2 lifting columns are compatible with OKIN’s reliable and adaptable DB02, DB03, SMARTneo and COMPACTeco control units. These can be programmed to meet individual customer requirements and feature ISP intelligent system protection.

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