Rf Topline: Direct Feedback For Key Presses

The RF Topline is the perfect wireless hand-held transmitter for the demanding high-end sector. OKIN’s patented, absolutely interference-free 2.4 GHz radio transmission technology transmits key presses reliably at all times. The blue backlighting gives you an excellent view of the 15 keys. Thanks to this visual feedback, you can see immediately which key has been activated.

The RF Topline has an elegantly designed black-silver housing. The wireless hand-held transmitter can be used versatilely together with all OKIN systems. A built-in torch flash light helps for orientation in dark rooms. The RF Topline has been approved by RED and FCC/IC, and is optionally available with a soft-touch surface.

High-end wireless hand-held transmitter
2.4 GHz bidirectional

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