High-Quality Wireless Hand-Held Transmitter For Adjustable Beds

Bed adjustment with maximum comfort: The RF-Flashline is the perfect wireless hand-held transmitter for the demanding high-end sector. OKIN’s patented, absolutely interference-free 2.4 GHz radio transmission technology transmits key entries reliably at all times. The wireless hand-held transmitter can be used versatilely together with all OKIN radio-transmission systems. Power is supplied using two 1.5 volt (AAA) batteries. The RF-Flashline has an elegantly and no-screw designed white housing. The wireless hand-held transmitter has seven or nine buttons depending on the version. The blue backlight of the buttons and an integrated torch flashlight make it much easier both operation and orientation in dark rooms. Furthermore, the RF-Flashline is approved according to RED and FCC/IC.

High-end wireless remote transmitter
2.4 GHz bidirectional

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