Connectivity And Many Configuration Options For Medical Systems

The MC20i single-fault-proof distributor contains all the requirements and features needed to best configure a functional nursing or hospital bed. This distribution unit can either be mounted directly on the Megamat20i single drive or attached separately to the bed system. Up to 9 further BUS-compatible components can be connected. An additional hub can be used for an extension. The plug-in slots can be assigned flexibly as needed. There are a wide range of compatible accessories that can be used to help configure the bed to fit requirements: including SMPS, control keypads, handsets, various sensors, lighting, as well as Bluetooth or WLAN.

The housing of the MC20i has a high protection class of IP67 so that no foreign liquids or dust can penetrate and it is easy to clean. This distributor features an optimal price-performance ratio. It is also compatible with all other intelligent components of Dewert, which together form a digital BUS system.

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