Compact Controller Makes Installation Simple

OKIN CU155 is the ideal controller in space-critical applications. Because of its compact design, it only requires little space and offers the greatest possible flexibility for positioning the controller. Special applications with a slim and flat design take benefit from the use of a space-saving controller. It is equipped with mounting holes by default and therefore particularly fast and simple to install at the desired position.

Up to four OKIN drives can be connected to the OKIN CU155. Even complex motion profiles can be realized. An external DC voltage source with protective extra-low voltage is used for the power supply. In addition, an integrated overcurrent switch-off provides optimal system protection. The OKIN CU155 controller can be fitted with different controller PCBs. A direct, relay and microprocessor controller are possible. The latter is individually programmable with regard to its functions and error signalling. Furthermore, the CU155 can be designed for drives with Hall sensors. The controller can be operated with different cable handsets. The OKIN CU155 controller is certified in accordance with the test standards. EN 60335-1, EN 60335-1, EN 55014-1 and EN 55014-2.

Control unit: relay-free control, relay control, microprocessor control with customised programming, fault signalling
Connection options: Connections for drives: 1-4
Connections for operating elements: 1

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