Versatility Combined With A Slim Design

The robust IPROXX 3 handset is perfect for use in hospital and nursing beds. First of all, this product is very versatile: the handset can be used for multiple drives and can be configured with a fully integrated LCD with eight keys. The display makes operations very user-friendly and intuitive. The handset is optionally available with 14 keys. A function LED ensures that the device can be operated with clarity and simplicity.
Secondly, the IPROXX 3 features a slim and simple design, which fits perfectly into the medical environment. The standard-compliant keypad has a smooth surface so it is much easier to clean the handset.

The IPROXX 3 is available as a custom configuration with an integrated mechanical or programmable multi-level locking function. This feature locks out any input or entries, thus preventing the bed from being adjusted – and ensuring improved safety. The handset also features single-fault protection, which prevents dangerous operating states in the event of a controller malfunction or failure of the safety module.
With protection class IPX4, the handset is also protected against solid foreign bodies with a diameter of less than one millimetre and against splash water from all sides. This product can be upgraded to protection class IPX6 on request.
Further configuration options include a hook for hanging the handset and customer-specific printing and foil designs.

The IPROXX 3 combines robustness and versatility with a sleek, elegant design and the many possibilities offered by a fully integrated LCD display.

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