Single-Fault Protected Handset In A Slim Design

The current generation of the single-fault protected handset for patient lifts has an especially elegant and slim design. A customised foil design is available on request. The smooth surface of the IPROXX 2 Lifter also makes it easy to clean.
The elegant handset for the IRPOXX 2 Lifter is suitable for maximum two drives and is exclusively available in a set with the ACCUCONTROL 3.0 or 4.5 unit. A combined power-on/charge level indicator always keeps you informed of the charge state of the handset.

The new generation of the IPROXX handset. The IPROXX 2 combines the robustness and versatility of the IPROXX handset with a slim, elegant design.
The first handset for patient lifters that features single-fault protection is only available as a set with the ACCUCONTROL 3.0 or 4.5 control unit. Customized foil design on request.

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