The Double-Column Desk System For Today'S Office

Design meets performance: The DS8.3 double-column product is the optimal desk system with four working positions. It is configured with two-stage lifting columns and a 4×2 motor system, which makes it particularly powerful. Another advantage is its versatility. Users can smoothly adjust the frame length to fit table tops of different sizes. This system is also very reliable and powerful. The push and pull forces are 1,200 N each.

At OKIN, customers receive the all-round package: This set consists of side profiles, table feet and the set of screws. The powder coating for the table system is available in white, black or silver to match the selected lifting columns. And that’s not all: with an adjustment speed of 35 mm/s and a noise level of less than 48 dB during operations, the DS8.3 is very fast and extremely quiet.

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