The Foundation For Demanding Conference Tables

Sitting, standing and leaning: thanks to height-adjustable tables, employees can promote their health while they work. This applies not only to individual work tables, but also to large conference tables for multiple people. A reliable table system with powerful drive technology provides the foundation for a good height-adjustable conference table. OKIN’s DS6.371.3 table system combines six lifting columns from the DD series with frame components and table legs for constructing medium-sized conference tables.

The table feet have a floor level adjustment mechanism and are exactly matched in size to the lifting column profiles. The variable-length table frame consists of a multi-part tubular steel frame with profiles attached to the sides. The system can be controlled using a variety of OKIN products.

Safety and versatility play an important role when operating height-adjustable desks and conference tables. The table frames for the lifting columns of the DD series can reliably meet these requirements at all times. The length of the frame is smoothly adjustable for different-sized tabletops in a range between 2,800 and 4,000 mm. The powder coating of the frame also matches the colour of the lifting column system. The table frames are available in silver, white or black, depending on your requirements.

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