Ideal Controller For Modern Seating Furniture: CU155+

The OKIN CU155+ controller combines several essential characteristics for optimal use in modern, advanced applications. Because of its compact design, it is particularly space saving and can be used in space-critical applications. The stylish housing of the controller comes without visible screw connections and fits your individual design in an subtle yet visually appealing way. The controller is mounted using a mounting plate that provides additional stability.

OKIN CU155+ offers connectivity options for up to four drives so that complex motion profiles can be realized. An external DC voltage source with protective extra-low voltage is used for the power supply. The OKIN CU155+ with an integrated overcurrent switch-off provides optimal system protection. Furthermore, the controller has a key for the reset function that can be triggered manually at any time.

Convenient wireless operation of drives
The OKIN CU155+ has an integrated bidirectional 2.4 GHz radio remote controller for wireless operation. The interference-free radio transmission system, patented by OKIN, can reliably transmit signals at any time. The controller can be combined for use with any of the OKIN radio hand-held remote controllers. The OKIN CU155+ features integrated Bluetooth®, which makes it possible for iOS/Android-based smartphones or tablets to be used to make convenient bed adjustments. The OKIN CU155+ controller is certified in accordance with the test standards EN 55014-1, EN 60335-1 and R&TTE (RED).

Max. 4 drives
Integrated 2.4 GHz radio bidirectional controller
Power supplied via external voltage source (DC).
Key for reset function

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