Versatile Double Drive For Nursing And Hospital Beds

The DUOMAT 8 is the successor of the DUOMAT 7. The double drive is equipped with SMPS and plug-in power cord. This means the device is suitable for global use. The housing not only has a modern design, but also delivers increased mechanical stability. Other advantages: The DUOMAT 8 can be easily mounted and has a high protection level. Thanks to its characteristics, the double drive is perfectly suited for combined head and back section adjustment. The adjustment load is up to max. 4,500 Newton per side. The adjustment speed is up to max. 6.5 mm/sec – depending on the drive configuration at a constant 24/29 V DC and no load.

The special feature of the DUOMAT 8: Its many configuration options make the drive even more efficient and versatile. The configuration options include: electrical reset function (9V battery), rechargeable battery, mains cut-off mechanism, synchronous control unit, externally-mounted floor lighting system, Hall sensor, microprocessor controlled FURNIBUS and toroidal transformer with 155 VA.

Compact and stable construction
Integrated SMPS
Perfectly suited for combined head and back section adjustment
Easy assembly
High IP protection class
Load capacity: max. 4500 N on each side (for safety reasons, no pull force)
Adjustment speed: max. 6.5 mm/sec. *
Power unit type: SMPS
Integrated battery holder. Anti-plug-removal device
Equipment options: electrical retracting function (9 V block battery), rechargeable battery operation, mains cut-off, synchronous control unit, floor lighting system fittable from outside, Hall sensor, microprocessor control FURNIBUS, toroidal transformer 155 VA
* depending on drive configuration at constant 24/29 V DC without load

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