Okin Eco Betadrive: Lightweight And Fast

For making quick adjustments to comfort armchairs: Our OKIN Eco Betadrive provides chair manufacturers with a single drive featuring very high adjustment speed of over 40 mm/sec. This enables users of motor-adjustable armchairs to comfortably reach their desired sitting position as quickly as possible. Manufacturers of comfort armchairs also benefit from the low weight of the single drive, which reduces the overall weight of their end products, making installation much easier.

Another special feature of the Eco Betadrive is its ability to connect directly to different control keypads, so there is no need for a controller. The single drive is also optionally available with a Hall sensor. A maintenance-free 24 V DC motor ensures outstanding reliability and a long service life. The installation dimension is a minimal 156 mm with a long stroke length of up to 500 mm.

Adjustment speed: max. 44 mm/s *
Stroke length: max. 500 mm (+/- 2 mm)

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