Stylish Lifting Columns For Height-Adjustable Desks

OKIN’s DD371.3 lifting columns provide a powerful and affordable drive solution for ergonomic desks. Since it can be effortlessly integrated into different table frame designs, the DD371.3 provides furniture manufacturers with great versatility while they are designing their desks.

The DD371.3 lifting columns are compatible with the established OKIN control units, including the SMARTneo and COMPACTeco. These can be programmed according to customer-specific requirements and feature ISP intelligent system protection. The low installation dimension of 560 millimetres with a standard stroke length of 650 millimetres ensures excellent versatility.

Consistent comfortable operations

Maintenance-free 24-volt DC motors with two Hall sensors are used; these generate a compressive force of up to 800 Newton. The lifting columns also have a low-play sliding system which provide comfortable adjustments and outstanding stability. Thanks to a special gearbox, operations are always whisper-quiet and fast. Depending on the drive configuration and the control components used, the lifting columns can move at speeds of up to 35 millimetres per second.

An overview of the key features

Low-play sliding system for comfortable adjustments
Special gear for whisper-quiet operations
Excellent stability and pushing force
Elegant design

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