The Single-Stage Lifting Columns Providing Great Versatility

OKIN’s DD351.2 electric lifting columns enable reliable and smooth height adjustments for desks in the office sector. These lifting columns are equipped with low-play sliding guides that provide excellent stability. The special gear also ensures whisper-quiet operations at all times, with a noise level of less than 48 dB. The inner column profiles also always move synchronously. These lifting columns are suited for constructing stable table systems according to EN 527 and BIFMA X5.5.

The design also plays a major role in the DD351.2. The lifting columns’ elegant rectangular profile can easily be integrated into a variety of table frame constructions. This gives furniture manufacturers a great deal of freedom in the design of their desks.

With a pushing force of up to 800 N, the DD351.2 lifting columns are very powerful and can meet demanding requirements. This product includes powerful, maintenance-free 24-volt DC motors with two Hall sensors. Users benefit from whisper-quiet operation at all times because of the special gears. Another plus point is the excellent versatility of the lifting columns: They have an installation length of 650 mm and a standard-compliant stroke length of 500 mm. The DD351.2 can be controlled, for example, with OKIN’s DB02, DB03, SMARTneo and COMPACTeco products. These can be programmed according to individual customer requirements and feature the ISP intelligent system protection.

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